Ric Hochet cartoon co-created by Bob de Moor and Dirk Stallaert

1016577_638367342879758_1790775349_n 10003119_638367459546413_1224091037_nHere’s a Ric Hochet anniversary cartoon on which Bob de Moor collaborated with that other flemish multi-talented artist Dirk Stallaert. The cartoon features scenarist A.-P. Duchâteau and Tibet next to a whole string of cartoon characters all drawn by Stallaert (who with Nino already has shown he is perfectly able to complete the Alph-Art album in a perfect Hergé/de Moor way… but that’s another discussion).

Jacques Martin auction includes Bob de Moor drawn Jo & Zette story

282952_637585109624648_1297764378_nAfter Jacques Martin left the Hergé Studios he also took with him the material from the uncompleted Jo et Zette story “La main noire” he collaborated on with Bob de Moor. The lot ended up in an auction last year. Included in the set were 4 crayon drawn pages, 2 pages in red pen and the synopsis itself. The lot was up for auction at PB&A auction house in 2011.

It’s not really clear if Martin actually had the right to take this uncompleted album with him (let alone sell it even) as it was a product by the Hergé Studios.

Good to know, de Moor also provided illustrations to the “Le Nain noir” by Scott Walter. Coïncidence?

Note that amongst the other lots on offer we also found back the notorious gag page which the members of the Studio once produced to make it appear that they were writing a Tintin book while Hergé was away.

Let’s see if Musée Hergé will do something with this.

Johan De Moor planning a comic on his father Bob de Moor

Bob de Moor biography
Bob de Moor biography

Johan de Moor is planning a comic on his father Bob de Moor. De Moor Senior is back in the picture after the excellent biography by Ronald Grossey was published earlier this year: “Bob de Moor: de klare lijn en de golven”. This must have biography was published by the Flemish publisher Vrijdag and counts 480 pages. Get it now, only 1500 copies are available and just like Grossey’s other book on Will Vandersteen, this one will become a rare item in no time.

Note that it is not clear whether this is the same comic that fellow comic artists Nix wrote the scenario for (“Mr BD”) but we suppose it is.

Bob de Moor worked twice on an aborted Jo et Zette album

Did you know that Bob de Moor started twice on a Jo et Zette album? The first was with Jacques Martin and was called “La Main Noire” (abandoned because the work on the “Ile Noire” took too much work), the second was the “Thermozéro” album in a scenario by Greg. The latter scenario was first used by Hergé for a TinTin album but abandoned. De Moor and Greg never got round to finish the “Thermozéro” album. You can see a scan of 2 pages, one of both aborted albums. The one with the boat is the “La Main Noire” one.

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