A test artwork version for the 80s version of 'Barelli à Nusa-Penida (Volume 1)'

A test artwork version for the 80s version of ‘Barelli à Nusa-Penida (Volume 1)’

In the period 1982-1983 Bob De Moor created an extended version of the Barelli story “Barelli à Nusa-Penida” (volume 1 & 2), which was originally published back in 1951 for the Tintin Journal. The recreated versions were released in album format via Le Lombard with new/reworked pages and other cover artwork. And that's precisely what we will talk about this time.

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The 3 editorial musketeers at Le Lombard: Bob De Moor, André-Paul Duchâteau & Yves Sente

In 1989 Haarlem born Rob Harren (Lombard Nederland) was asked to put Le Lombard back on the rails and especially make sure that their comic authors got pre-publications, something which until today is key to get a (new) comic series off the ground. He contacted Bob De Moor and Belgian comics writer and mystery novelist André-Paul Duchâteau to join Le Lombard

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Jet comic magazine launches with Bob De Moor cover artwork

[caption id="attachment_702" align="alignleft" width="212"] Issue 1 of Jet, published in January 1990[/caption] In January 1990 Lombard launched a brand new comic talent seeking magazine for the french speaking and dutch speaking market: Jet. The plan was to release 10 issues every year. The issues were sold separately for more or less € 3,40 or for € 28,20 if you chose

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