Out on the 22nd of August is the brand new album, “Coeur Glacé” (Eng. “Ice cold heart”) by Johan De Moor, son of Bob De Moor, on a scenario by Gilles Dal. The video which Le Lombard has put online is a real pearl as far as promoting a comic album is concerned and shows that Johan De Moor has inherited the joking genes from his father (in case you weren’t convinced already by his many cartoons).

The 6:32 video acts as an interview of Gilles Dal by Johan De Moor but with the duo clearly taking the piss out of… Johan De Moor. Johan De Moor acts as a comic author who is unknowingly plagiarizing Johan De Moor… can you still follow? Things get a lot clearer when you watch the actual video below.

You also will notice some of the pages for the album – and no to serious comments on them, after all ‘he’ is plagiarizing Johan De Moor – and if we are not wrong some clear line influences too… The album “Coeur Glacé” can now be ordered on Amazon France. Recommended reading!

It’s not the first time that Johan De Moor works with Gilles Dal, they also co-worked on “Comment devenir belge en 10 leçons. You can check out some more of Gilles Dal work right here.

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