Here’s an interview with Bob de Moor made in 1988 by Montbéliard TV. Previously unavailable, Noé TV added it on their website a while ago. This is by far one of the most extensive and interesting interviews with Bob (over 30 minutes!) ever made. We upped the Bob de Moor interview video on Vimeo for better viewing on Facebook.

Included are sections on his work for an Antwerp based cartoon studio during WW2 (where de Moor worked on background drawings), setting up the Artec Studios with his brother in law, his entry in the TinTin magazine staff, and lots lots more.

The interview is in French but even if you don’t speak that language, you’ll enjoy de Moor talking in his lovely Flemish French. It brings back very good memories of this great artist.

Note his rather excellent remark that inking a drawing by the one who has drawn the original is key.

Bob de Moor interview (1988) from Bernard Van Isacker on Vimeo.

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