Bob de Moor in "De Kastarrally"
Bob de Moor in “De Kastarrally”

In 1987 flemish cartoonist Jean-Pol saw the Kramikske album “De Kastarrally” released. In that very story, you’ll see Bob de Moor doing a cameo on pages 10 (see the page on the left), 11 and 12, and then further on the pages 14, 15, 16 as Bob ‘The Moor’ also referred to as being a fake Moor. In the story he is a saboteur who travels on a camel through the desert of North Africa. You’ll notice he has a huge pencil as part of his equipment which he later uses to guide Kramikske and his friends in the wrong direction.

Detail: From 1986 until 1992 Jean-Pol was assisted by Dirk Stallaert (Nino, Nero, Mieleke Melleke Mol, Plankgas & Plastronneke) who also inked the actual pages we are talking about.

The Kramikske stories were published weekly from 1970 until 1989 in De Volksmacht and were hugely popular in Flanders (and especially with bakers who often used the baker kid in displays). The series is on hold for now.

Other flemish series that Jean-Pol worked on included De Lustige Kapoentjes (which he took over from Marc Sleen, who took it over from Bob de Moor who on his turn had taken it over from Willy Vandersteen) Annie en Peter and the Studio 100 creations Kabouter Plop and Samson en Gert. He got however more widely known when taking over the Sammy series from Berck in 1994.

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