In 1975 issue 3 of the magazine Stripklub Nieuwsblad (one of the many publications by Karel Driesen) dedicated 7 of its 16 pages to Bob De Moor. The cartoon we show you today was one of 2 printed on page 11 of this magazine. But we have more questions than answers regarding this cartoon…

In December 2014 you could already see the first one being discussed on the Bob De Moor website. That one was kinda straight forward as far as the joke goes, but today’s one needs some extra context, and precisely that context is unclear to us (and to the family De Moor), hence why we really need some input from our readers.

Click to view a larger image.
Click to view a larger image.

The drawing style of this cartoon is similar to the first one, and is probably made around the same time as the first cartoon, 1968 that is. The cartoon shows a bank from which a lot of banknotes are flying out the front door. But what is this cartoon really about?

You could argue that a bank usually only sees money going in through the front door and not going out, but that is most probably not what Bob De Moor referred too. Note that there is a strong wind outside as you can deduct from the people walking outside, the curly lines and leaves flying to the right.

One detail suggests that there is something more going on. As you can see, the man leaving the bank looks very surprised and that is stressed by the ‘aura’ lines indicating his surprise. Perhaps that man had just left that money in the bank? Sure thing is that this person is the only one being singled out by De Moor in this drawing so something is going on there, but what precisely?

It also came to our mind that this is maybe part 2 of a 2-image cartoon which Driesen might have forgotten to add.

If you have extra info about this cartoon, please let us know at .

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