Stefaan De Moor sent us a postcard as drawn by his father Bob De Moor which shows a side of Bob De Moor that is not all that often shown. The card itself is not drawn in the typical clear line like Bob De Moor used for Barelli, nor is it in the realistic style like he did for Cori. The closest you can compare it with is the style he used for Balthazar but even then the differences are quite large.

The Christmas/New Year card as drawn by Bob De Moor.
The Christmas/New Year card as drawn by Bob De Moor.

The card was made for the VVU (aka the Vlaamse Vriendenkring Ukkel – an association we already talked about here), one of the many Flemish associations started up at the end of the 50s in several Brussels communities. While some of these associations were quite militant, others took care of activities to unite Flemish residents. The VVU was a more moderate association which held conferences throughout the year. And Bob De Moor was of course often asked to help out using his graphical skills and/or his connections with fellow comic authors. The VVU itself lasted from 1957 till 1961 if our information is correct – after which it seems to have transgressed into the Cultuurraad Ukkel – so it seems and that’s a good indication to when this card was drawn.

The style and color use are typical for the early 60s and could be found a lot in drawings made for publicity purposes. The drawing somewhat also bares a resemblance with some of the Hannah Barbera characters of that time (the closed legs and the feet wide open for instance) while the decor coloring also has a 1960’s touch in it. You can recognize the coloring style which was also used in the “101 Dalmatians” (1961) for instance where the colors never stay inside their ‘borders’, especially when coloring houses.

A very nice item, if you an find it make sure to keep it!

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