In 1955 the family De Moor wanted to have a house that was closer to the Studio Hergé. So the couple and their kids settled in Ukkel (Uccle in French) one of the 19 municipalities located in Brussels where they found a safe haven on the Coghensquare number 41. Bob and Jeanne De Moor would continue to live there for the rest of their life. Nowadays that part of Brussels is well-known for its posh areas, exquisite restaurants, green spots and high rental rates.

The january 1991 cover of 'De Hoorn' by Bob De Moor
The january 1991 cover of ‘De Hoorn’ by Bob De Moor

The couple De Moor also got involved in the local cultural movements for the flemish residents. They joined the socio-cultural association Het Davidsfonds, the service club Marnixkring and the VVU (Vlaamse Verening Ukkel) to name just a few. For the monthly magazine of the VVU, called ‘De Hoorn’ (‘The Horn’ in English), which brought lots of local news and info on local activities, Bob De Moor created a few covers, posters and cartoons and also once organized an evening with several comic authors including Hergé (we’ll be showing you some photos of this evening in the future). Good to know, the vice-president of the VVU was friend of the family Bob Van Bael, who would later also interview Bob De Moor for a 1986 episode of the popular human interest program Terloops which you can see here.

Today we show you the cover Bob De Moor made for the 200th issue of ‘De Hoorn’, published in January 1991. Printed on 4000 copies this 200th anniversary issue shows a celebrating community (all dressed in 19th century clothes) with a person blowing a horn of course. At the same time the magazine cover also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the ‘Cultuurraad Ukkel’ what you could describe as being the culture council from Ukkel.

This scan was provided to us by Chris Mouton. We contacted the editorial staff of ‘De Hoorn’ for some feedback but got not reply. We’ll keep on phoning/emailing of course.

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