In June 2014 we published a story on Jet Magazine, which Lombard launched in January 1990 in order to look for brand new comic talent. Today we offer you an original drawing which Bob De Moor made for Jet issue 9 to promote a drawing contest related to the Koksijde Stripfestival aka Strip Koksijde (and Festival BD Coxyde for our French speaking readers), which was a quite well known and popular Belgian comic festival.

The original drawing as used for what we think was a souvenir card in 1990.
The original drawing as used for what we think was a souvenir card in 1990.

We found the original drawing (you can still see some of the pencil drawings here and there) of what must have been used for a ‘souvenir’ card, in the personal collection of Olivier Marin. On the drawing you can see a medal being handed out to the Jet contest winner. However, a black-headed gull spoils the fun as it drops some excrements on the clothes of the winning comic author.

Thanks to Petja van den Hurk, we can confirm that the drawing was used in Jet issue 9, page 5. In issue 10 of Jet the magazine also announces the 2nd contest adding that the 5 winning submissions will be exhibited at the ‘Stripfestival van Koksijde’ (July 20-28, 1991). The drawing is added in small next to it.

Still about the drawing, Bob De Moor also added an extra linguistic joke, namely the person wearing a T-shirt /sweater with the word ‘Bof’ on it. ‘Bof’ is commonly used after or before the French phrase “Je ne sais pas”, meaning “I don’t know”.

Since we have many collectors reading our website, you can expect an update sooner or later.

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