Out now is the brand new album, “Coeur Glacé” (Eng. “Ice cold heart”) by Johan De Moor, son of Bob De Moor, on a scenario by Gilles Dal. The book can now be ordered via Amazon France and via all local comic stores of course.

For the launch of the promo campaign of the book Johan De Moor and  Gilles Dal launched a video (you can view it below) which acts as an interview of Gilles Dal by Johan De Moor but with the duo clearly taking the piss out of… Johan De Moor.

The book itself comes as a hardcover edition and brings a rather dark story. Those who read it will quickly realize why we say ‘dark’.

It’s not the first time that Johan De Moor has collaborated with Gilles Dal, they also co-worked on “Comment devenir belge en 10 leçons. You can check out some more of Gilles Dal work right here.

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