'Oorlog in het Heelal'/'Guerre dans le Cosmos' cover artwork refurbished for Sony advert

In September 2015 this site published the article “The cover for ‘War In The Cosmos’ which never got used for a French reprint” showing a drawing which appeared to be a never published before front cover for a new french version of “Oorlog In Het Heelal”, the story Bob De Moor created for the weekly magazine Ons Volk in 1949.

Whilst being at Olivier Marin‘s place to scan some drawings, I also found a drawing which was a reworked version of the cover for a Sony advert. Since I never saw a version of this advert ever being used, it’s rather unclear if it was ever published in it’s final coloured version. Note that half of the drawing was a photocopy on which Bob De Moor altered a few things.

'Oorlog in het Heelal'/'Guerre dans le Cosmos' cover artwork refurbished for Sony advert

Nevertheless, there are a few significant differences between the 2 versions. Let’s have a look!

  • The first clear difference are the rockets/spaceships which have been replaced by Sony video/audio gear, some of which are now extinct. We recognise a video camera (the Video 8 Handycam), a Sony Hi-Fi Equaliser, Sony pocket calculator, a Sony World TV (no, not a flatscreen!), a Sony Walkman, a Sony headset and what looks like an antenna which can be charged (if anyone has a clue what it is, let us know).
  • Next you can see that Bob De Moor has adapted the expression on the face the character on the right. He is no longer looking angry but has a very happy expression.
  • Bob De Moor signed the refurbished drawing, which he didn’t with the first original version.
  • The part where the editor’s name was to be added has disappeared and the drawing ‘behind’ it has been completed.
  • De Moor erased the title, but you can still see a trace of the original title.

Let’s see if we can find the final version, I contacted Sony a while back but they didn’t get back to me regarding this. So if someone knows more about this drawing, let me know!

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