Bob de Moor selfie with Tintin  and Snowy
Bob de Moor selfie with Tintin and Snowy

Selfies nowadays are extremely popular and for those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, selfies are self-portrait photographs, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. But did you know that Bob de Moor was actually a professional selfie-maker? Throughout his career he has created several ‘selfies’ portraying himself with a typical big nose and dito mustache.

Here’s a selfie by Bob de Moor realized around 1970. The drawing is part of a series of selfies made around the same time. It exists in various version including one which has Barelli on a black background on the tie instead of Tintin and Snowy like is the case here.

This particular original drawing was auctioned for 758 Euro on June 8, 2013. We will bring you some more of these original selfies in good quality in the near future, including some really old ones.

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