In 1947 Bob De Moor offered his services to Week-End (sometimes also written as Weekend), a Flemish weekly life style magazine on 40 pages edited by Socentra. Between May 4th 1947 and mid 1952 he would publish 2 series in the magazine: “Professor Quick” and “De lotgevallen van Babbel en Co“. Today we’ll take a closer look at what this Professor Quick series was all about.

Professor Quick doesn't like modern paintings so it seems.
Professor Quick doesn’t like modern paintings so it seems.

Professor Quick consisted of a one strip cartoon, which always had an end, so it was not a series like “De lotgevallen van Babbel en Co” would be for instance. The cartoons were usually printed on the last page of the magazine, right under the “Bringing Up Father” comic by American grandmaster George McManus. Throughout the years the character would not evolve graphically, even after he joined the Hergé Studios in 1950. The look and feel of Professor Quick looks therefor a bit anachronic knowing that in 1950 Bob De Moor would also launch Monsieur Tric which was way more elaborated than this Professor Quick character.

The cartoon ‘Modern Art’ we present here was sent to us by Freddy Oudhof and consists of 3 frames. It shows a disgruntled Professor Quick after seeing a Picasso style painting. He doesn’t like it a single bit and decides to buy it. Upon concluding the deal he immediately tears it to pieces. The seller is shocked of course.

You will notice that the cartoon is not signed, in fact only a few were signed (with R.D.M.). Was this because Bob De Moor didn’t want to be associated with it? Who knows. Fact is that up until 1952 he would deliver cartoons for Professor Quick. We’ll update this story as we get more info.

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