Tribute by Bob De Moor
Tribute by Bob De Moor

In 1991 the French publisher Groupe Graphique released the album “Fétiches” as a tribute to Hergé in its Variations collection. Among the comic authors who participated we find Moébius, Mézières, Enki Bilal, Bob De Moor, Johan De Moor, Ted Benoit, Yves Chamand, Juilliard, Loustal, Margerin, Nicollet, Pétillon, Martin Veyron and Serge Clerc. In total 40 comic authors would lend their pen to this album, of which the cover was made by Bilal.

The drawing Bob De Moor contributed to this album is the one you see on the left and was also the opening drawing for the book followed (and not preceded indeed) by an introduction text by Philippe Goddin.

The cover of "Fétiches"
The cover of “Fétiches”

Truth to be said, the album is a rather (very) mixed bag, and you often have the impression to watch some cheap, very badly drawn pastiche album. Especially some of the arty farty pages hold extremely badly drawn material. I honestly couldn’t avoid to have the impression that this album was just a quick money maker. Why the Fondation Hergé decided to give its ok to this release remains a mystery. Add to this a not to successful artwork for the edition, as ugly as many of the drawings inside the album actually.

The best drawings were made by our dear Bob De Moor next to Jean C Denis, P. Narès, Delius (twice), F. Avril, (a very pleasant take by) Johan De Moor and Luc Cornillon. That’s correct, even the drawing by Moébius was far from being great. A very meager total for an album that is now being traded online for over 100 euros. Note that the drawing by Bob De Moor was also released as a postcard in the Elysa collection, limited to 201 copies.

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