971166_641256185924207_1468886306_n 1149077_641256102590882_1595679749_n 1549521_641256042590888_889737195_nBrussels based Bob de Moor passionate Alain Demaret passed us a nice batch of rarities. In the next weeks we’ll publish several of these. The first batch includes 3 scans from a Citroën calendar from 1987 (made in 1986). Citroën was sponsor for the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée aka CBBD (for that year at least).

The drawings will remind many readers of the brochures the Studio Hergé produced for Citroën with drawings again made by Bob de Moor.

These “Aventures de la 2CV” appeared in France, Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. We’ll let these follow in HQ later on.

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