Between 1949 and 1951 Ons Volkske featured the adventures of Fee & Fonske under the name “De Fratsen van Fee en Fonske” (which would also appear as “De avonturen van Mieleke en Dolf” both in Kuifje Weekblad… and Ons Volkse), see also our article “Mieleke & Dolf / Bouboule & Noiraud make their entry in 1949”. As you can see, the name of the series is not the same as both main characters saw their name changed from Fee & Fonske to Mieleke & Dolf for Kuifje Weekblad., (and apparently Ons Volkske followed in a later stage). Not that Bob De Moor paid much attention to the difference as you can see in today’s example where he mixes the names.

Here Bob De Moor uses different names for the main characters than the title of the series.
Here Bob De Moor uses different names for the main characters than the title of the series.

Good to know, the series consists of 100+ strips but was never published in its chronological order, instead you see the numbering going up and down (when he uses the ‘Bi’ signature or no signature at all) and disappearing (when he ads ‘Bob De Moor’ as signature or no signature at all). Also the haircut of the characters changes all the time which makes us believe that De Moor already had this series prepared a bit before they were published.

In the example we offer today you can see that despite the fact that the series is called “De Fratsen van Fee en Fonske”, the names used in the strip are Mieleke en Dolf. It doesn’t really make it easy to correctly complete the chronology of this 66-year old series.

Overtime you can see that the drawing style gets more and more refined hinting at his involvement in the Hergé studios.

This series has unfortunately never been published in book format, except for an extremely limited run (we talk about 50 copies at maximum) via Jean-Pierre Verheylewegen in 2001 (or 2002), but this publication didn’t include all of the strips ever published. At the moment I am collecting all the missing strips and have already been able tracing a lot, including the one you saw today.

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