Over the past few months we only had a few Cori related posts. In the next days we are going to change this and give you an insight on how Bob De Moor worked to create this excellent series.

Cori as sketched by Bob De Moor.
Cori as sketched by Bob De Moor.

Today we present you a sketch of Cori which Bob De Moor created for the “L’Expédition Maudite” album (1987). It’s one of many character sketches which De Moor created whilst preparing this album. If you look well you can see the helplines which he used to proportion Cori‘s body correctly. Layer after layer Cori becomes a real living character.

The Cori le Moussaillon (Cori the Cabin Boy in English, Cori De Scheepsjongen in Dutch) series ran from 1951 until 1993 and counted 5 albums (6 actually, since the first album got redrawn and altered for a later publication to match the style in the newly created albums). It’s quite sure that De Moor based the series on the 1945 series Bart le Moussaillon (Bart de Scheepsjongen) which he created for KZV (Kleine Zondagsvriend). We will presenting you some scans of this series in the next weeks.

The complete 5 album collection of Cori le moussaillon by Bob de Moor has been published by BD Must.

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