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A mega-rare decor for Belvision’s “King Ottokar’s Sceptre” 1957 animation by Bob De Moor

Between 1955 and 1958 Raymond Leblanc‘s Belvision studios worked on several animation adaptations of some of Willy Vandersteen‘s Spike and Suzy albums (that’s English for’Suske en Wiske’ for those wondering) for the Flemish television NIR. Included were “Het Spaanse spook” (“The Spanish Spook”), “De bronzen sleutel” (“The Bronze Key”), “De gezanten van Mars” (“The Martian Ambassadors”) – of which an excerpt in Dutch can be watched below – and so on. If you’d watch those animation films you surely would notice that the animation was very rudimentary. It was a far cry from what American and Japanese studios were producing at that time. Then again, both Jos Marissen and Karel Van Milleghem – the only 2 people working on those animations at Belvision at that time – had never made animation films before. It would only be after the arrival of Flemish animation pioneer Ray Goossens (and old colleague of Bob De Moor at the AFIM studios remember) that Belvision would really grasp the technique.

Here’s a part of the Dutch spoken animation version of “De gezanten van Mars” by Belvision as made in 1956.

Despite its shortcomings the series proved to be successful in Flanders and Leblanc started dreaming…

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Your chance to co-interview the Bob de Moor biographer Ronald Grossey

5977-1aThe author of the Bob de Moor Biography “De klare lijn en de golven” (Eng: “The clear line and the waves”), Ronald Grossey, will be interviewed for the Bob de Moor Facebook page and website. If you have (a) question(s) for him after reading the book (or perhaps even if you haven’t read it yet), post it below in the comment field. The best will be picked out. Deadline: Sunday 6 April 2014!

The book is still available right here, but be quick.

For your info, Ronald Grossey, scenario writer of many comic series and author of several children books, also wrote the since long sold out 454 page counting book “Studio Vandersteen: Kroniek van legende 1947 – 1990”. That book is now considered to be the bible when it comes to Willy Vandersteen. As we reported before, the Bob de Moor book is also a must have in your book collection!