In the issue 18 of the Belgian edition of the Tintin Journal from the year 1950 Bob De Moor created a small game with Monsieur Tric, at that time – and this until 1953 – still called ‘Professeur Tric‘ in the French edition (he would always be called ‘Meester Mus‘ in dutch). Page 12 shows Monsieur Tric in various postures showing how he sits, hangs, stands, … when practicing some of his 8 favorite ‘sports’ (mind you, according to the journal being on a bus is also sports). The drawings lack the sporting ‘attributes’, which means that when he is iceskating, you don’t see the skates for instance. The readers had to find the corresponding sport with the corresponding image.

The drawings were made especially for this little game and even show that Bob De Moor already knew the Gangnam style hype back in 1950 (image 6 anyone?). This drawing has only been published in this 64 year old Tintin Journal issue and therefor is rather unknown unless you have access to the old Tintin Journals.

More of these small chef-d’oeuvres in later postings.

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