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Barelli in a pimped seat: the sketch and the final version

Update: Also Editions Le Lombard have no clue what the card was used for.

In 1987 the Lombard publishing house would release a postcard featuring Barelli, Anne Nannah and what seems to be 4 other colleagues in an office. On the back of the card we can see ‘Copyright by Lombard 1987 De Moor’ plus the phrase “Pour ta promotion, sincères félicitations”. The card comes from the archives of Olivier Marin. But that’s not the only reason why we present you this card today. We actually found back the counterpart (the sketch that is) in the archives of the family De Moor, which kinda gives you a very good idea what the early beginning of this postcard looks like.

The final version as printed by Lombard in 1987.
The final version as printed by Lombard in 1987.

We tried to obtain some information on this postcard and especially for which particular occasion this postcard had been created or commissioned. We talked to Yves Sente, who referred us to André-Paul Duchâteau (Belgian comics writer and mystery novelist who worked with Tibet on Ric Hochet). Unfortunately André-Paul Duchâteau couldn’t recall for what the postcard had originally been created but he thought that it could have been for the promotion of Bob De Moor himself that year as artistic director at Lombard. However, that only happened in 1989.

It’s our guess that the card was used throughout the company, but if anyone knows a bit more on this, please contact us.

The sketch made by Bob De Moor.
The sketch made by Bob De Moor.

Let’s check the sketch Bob De Moor made. He didn’t change a lot compared to his first sketch (which was OK’d as you can in the upper left corner. The only difference is actually that Anne Nannah wasn’t in the first sketch or at least he had not yet chosen her to be the character on the right of Barelli.

This is a nice example of what various archives can deliver. We’ll continue to match various archives to present your further examples.

The 3 editorial musketeers at Le Lombard: Bob De Moor, André-Paul Duchâteau & Yves Sente

In 1989 Haarlem born Rob Harren (Lombard Nederland) was asked to put Le Lombard back on the rails and especially make sure that their comic authors got pre-publications, something which until today is key to get a (new) comic series off the ground. He contacted Bob De Moor and Belgian comics writer and mystery novelist André-Paul Duchâteau to join Le Lombard as artistic director and publisher at Le Lombard. More precisely Duchâteau would become responsible for the detective series of the Lefrancq imprint but both would have their say in what was to be published.

In reality Rob Harren knew that he needed people who others would trust and who were household names. De Moor and Duchâteau were both and they made sure that Le Lombard was able to get its business back on track.

From left to right: André-Paul Duchâteau, Bob De Moor & Yves Sente
From left to right: André-Paul Duchâteau, Bob De Moor & Yves Sente

Another – now famous – writer would join Le Lombard in 1991, first as editor and later in 1992 as publishing director: Yves Sente. Knowing a lot of authors through his work as an editor, Sente branched out to writing comics, specializing in continuing existing successful series where the original author had died or was no longer interested in it, for instance Blake and Mortimer and Thorgal. He also created two new short series.

Yves Sente says farewell to Bob De Moor in  Hello Bédé.
Yves Sente says farewell to Bob De Moor in Hello Bédé.

It was that very Yves Sente who sent us a picture last night of an editorial meeting that took place in March 1992 at Le Lombard in Brussels. On the picture you see the young Yves Sente on the right with Bob De Moor and André-Paul Duchâteau on the left.

A different picture from the same session accompanied Yves Sente‘s farewell article in the special Bob De Moor issue of Hello Bédé magazine published on 6 October 1992. We added a scan of said page on the left.