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Bob De Moor’s version of Thomson and Thompson going Ola

Ola, better known in the Anglo-Saxon world under the brand name ‘Wall’s‘, is an ice cream brand owned by the Anglo-Dutch food and personal care conglomerate Unilever. And back in the (60s?), 70s and eighties they regularly collaborated with the Studios Hergé in order to use the Tintin characters in their adverts, run contests via Tintin Journal etc..


It was Jean-Claude Registo who pointed us towards an auction where today’s drawing was being sold (it would fetch 500 Euro in the end). The 44,8 x 17,2 cm big drawing was undated and was described as being made by the Studios Hergé. But you don’t have to have a trained eye to instantly recognise Bob De Moor‘s steady hand in the lines.

How do we know it’s for Ola? Well, Thomson and Thompson can be seen enjoying an ice-cream on the left (the left ice-cream being completely drawn). Also, on the right you can see both funny guys next to a big box, which is actually a big freezer holding Ola ice-cream.

There were many different scenes invented for this Ola campaign. Below you can see an example of the duo riding an ice cream float for instance.


A drawing by Hergé? Nope, this is Bob De Moor at work

Each comic author has his/her very own way of drawing. When an author takes over an existing character(s) you’ll often notice this through the ‘signature’ way of drawing. In many cases the overall style changes quite suddenly (see for example the changes that happened to Willy Vandersteen’s Spike and Suzy each time a new comic author started working on the main sketches or Spirou and Fantasio); in other cases the changes can only be seen when you really pay a lot of attention to the details (see for instance the new Asterix albums which graphically are extremely close to the original Uderzo drawings).

Drawn by Bob De Moor or Hergé?
Drawn by Bob De Moor or Hergé?

Unlike most predominantly Belgian studios, the Studio Hergé was known to never let things go ‘out of control’. Even though several artists worked on the same album, the basic rule was that it should not be noticeable. It explains why for instance the cars, planes, boats, decors and even the telephones have a similar drawing style in a Tintin album although they were all drawn by different people. Nevertheless, from time to time you can see a detail that will tell you who drew what.

Today we present you a puzzle poster which was published in 1972/1973 by Publiart/E.M.A.D. for an Ola ‘Cornetto’ ice-cream campaign. For those wondering what E.M.A.D. stands for, it’s short for European Marketing Advertising, an agency created by Guy Dessicy, which aimed at running campaigns on an international level. While we all know that Bob De Moor took care of the poster on the puzzle, you can also discover that Bob De Moor did draw Captain Haddock for this advert. How? Check Haddock’s right hand. If you look closely you’ll see quite a resemblance with another right hand