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“De la planche aux planches” aka “Hergé meets Barelli” by Bob de Moor

10173793_643182319064927_2042593775_nThis Bob de Moor page was published in the “spécial 40 ans du Journal de Tintin“. In the story Barelli meets Hergé. The last sequence in the story – where Barelli says that Hergé can take it easy as Bob de Moor will take care of things – is probably not just there for the fun of it. The issue was released around the same time in 1986 when Tintin’s “Alph-Art” was released, which gives it more than just one simple meaning. It’s widely known that Bob was far from being happy that he wasn’t allowed to complete the last Tintin album. What do you think?

“Thermozéro” album pops up in Hergé interview feat. Bob de Moor

In this video you see Bob de Moor explaining how he works (for the boat decors of “The Red Sea Sharks”) but you will also see Roger Leloup (Yoko Tsuno) working on the cars of the first pages of the “Thermozéro”, a ‘lost’ album which appears to have a chance to see a release after all à la Alph-Art. Note that this album was scheduled inbetween “The Red Sea Sharks” and “Tintin in Tibet” (and not “The Castafiore Emerald” as Wikipedia claims) and had been worked on by Roger Leloup, Bob de Moor, Jacques Martin and Greg and of course Hergé). No news if this would also include the de Moor version for Jo, Zette et Jocko. We’ll keep you posted.