More details on the upcoming re-release of the Flemish Trilogy by Bob De Moor

As we reported a while back, the Brussels based editor BD Must is working on the re-release of Bob De Moor‘s Flemish Trilogy which consists of these 3 albums: “Le Lion des Flandres” (“De Leeuw van Vlaanderen” in Dutch), “Les gars de Flandre” (“De Kerels van Vlaanderen” in Dutch) and “Conrad le Hardi” (“Sterke Jan” in Dutch).

The 3 covers + artwork for the back of each book.
The 3 covers + artwork for the back of each book.

You could already see an example of the colour use for “Conrad le Hardi”, plus we also already published the progress on the cover artwork for the “Le Lion des Flandres”. Today we can show you all 3 cover layouts for the 3 albums plus the layout for the back of said books. The layout of back of each book – taking the uncoloured version of the front cover as basis – is still subject to change, but it will give you an idea what to expect.

On the left you see the 3 covers, just click on the image to see a bigger size.

More info soon!